Your Enneagram Type & Spending Habits

Ever heard of the Enneagram? It is a dynamic profiling tool that many consultants and coaches are using to help individuals overcome their life challenges at this present day. I’m a certified Enneagram Coach and I do Enneagram readings to help individuals gain self-awareness and insights on others. Before I introduce the Enneagram Types, which … More Your Enneagram Type & Spending Habits

10 Ways You Can Benefit From the Current Recession

We hear too many bad news recently about how people were axed and their lives turned around completely when the recession hit them in the face. Although it’s a frightening and unpleasant ordeal many of us have faced or soon will face, there is (I believe) a silver lining behind every dark clouds. Here are … More 10 Ways You Can Benefit From the Current Recession

Don’t Wait for Handouts!

In Singapore, you cannot afford to rely solely on the government to give you handouts in times of crisis like this. Though more are getting retrenched, it’s better to have prior preparation than to try saving yourself when the pink slip flies onto your table. Article HERE.